The Musing of a Caligirl is run by a Southern California native. That native would be me, Chrystal. I am a 20-something, beach loving, crazy (in a good way) caligirl who is always looking for ways to make the day fun. There is no reason you can’t be happy and have fun everyday, no matter what. Sometimes, you just have to be creative in finding ways to make it happen.


This is a place for fun, craziness, sharing the good and bad of books I’ve read, and all around the life of a Crazy Caligirl. That was my original name idea for the blog, but I didn’t want to scare anyone off. Everyone is welcome as long as they can play nice with others. I don’t care what faith you follow or any of that. If you can get along with others, this is the place for you. The town I’m in has that vibe, and I love it. So I try to bring that into my everyday life, blog life included.


This blog is going to be about book reviews, recipes, crafts, DIY, my pets and foster furbabies, and any rants and musing I feel the need to share. As well as random bits of whatever. I even take suggestions! If you want to see something blogged about here, tell me about it. Unless it’s “How Chrystal sent user X a new car”, it will probably happen. If I can’t get to it right away, and you want to write the post up to have your content on my blog, go for it! You will even get writer credit.


So explore, enjoy, and come join my in my crazy Cali life.


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