Where I Have Been

I’m baaaaaack!!!! I know, I left with no word. That was unavoidable. At first, I thought I could get posts up with my boyfriend visiting. Well, we were so busy, that was impossible! Unless you wanted pictures of us visiting San Francisco and The Winchester Mystery House. I was assuming that was a no.

Then my computer wouldn’t work! Sorry guys, I only have one. But I have a BIG surprise for you all. Next week I not only have a book review, but a very popular book to review! I won’t give it away, you will have to tune in and read the post to figure out the book.

What I will tell you is this book has won MANY awards, was recently made into a movie, and has a very original way to present a story that some may not be familiar with.

I promise I will not go running off again. That was a one time thing. My computer is working, and I am ready to go!


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