Book Review: The Chalice (Luna Vampire Series). 4 STARS

I happened upon this The Chalice by Christine Asher when it was free and decided to throw it into my pile of “To Read”. I didn’t look too carefully and ended up with a few “romance” novels (this one included). Honestly, most romance is not my cup of tea. Luckily there wasn’t much to the romance aspect (yay!). Now let me just get to the flaws and then I will go into the good of this book.

Please in your next book get a better editor! I understand that authors are not editors, so I can’t fault the author for writing it wrong. However, if there was an editor, they need to be better trained. Misspelled words, huge gaps between words or sentences, and someone needed to catch the million and a half “sighs” after every freaking paragraph. Luckily the “sighs” got less frequent as the book went on. So if that’s bothering you, just hold on a few chapters more. Also, Luna went from being independent to being stubborn and stupid! Even independant women have a little give and they also have a soft side. Towards the end, I was getting a bit annoyed with Luna and her “No one can do a damn thing for me or else I’m a baby” attitude.

Now, there are many more good aspects to the story than bad ones. Which is why I rated this book 4 stars. Honestly, it could have been a 5 star if those flaws weren’t there. So the author has good potential and I hope she grows as the series continues. I don’t really pay a lot for books, what with how much I read, but I will keep an eye out for the rest of this series and hopefully catch another flash sale on the rest. The story was engaging, the characters had depth, and overall the way emotions and experiences were portrayed was well written. While there is one “sex scene” it’s not really graphic. It’s really about the emotion and not the sex act itself. Other than saying he slid into her, there really wasn’t much else talked about the physical act of sex. It was mostly kissing and her emotions during. Speaking of the sex scene, I’ve had some great sex but holy freaking damn! Vamps do it way better than humans apparently! I wish our sex life could be that intense. It can come somewhat close but not the absolute pleasurefest she was apparently having.

Now if the thought of reading a “sex scene” appalls you, I say read the book but skip the scene. It’s at the end and really not that long. It would be very easy to skip over. If you want a book packed with sex….get another book. I personally wouldn’t label this as romance, but maybe it becomes more in future books. This book I would put in the suspense and thriller category. I hope the author continues on with her career and grows into an even better author.

Oh, and don’t worry, this isn’t another Twilight 🙂

You can get The Chalice (Luna Vampire Series) by Christine Asher on Amazon for $2.99 at the time of publishing this review. Amazon pricing is always changing, so check back often. You might luck out and get it free or cheap. You can get The Chalice here:


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    • caligirlbooklover
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      Thanks for your comment! Let me check on that real quick and let you know. It’s still a new blog, so there are hiccups that sometimes come up. Sorry about that.



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